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The Department of Collective Collaboration

Welcome to the Department of Collective Collaboration, an integral part of the Office for Precarious Art; a workplace aimed at investigating artistic explorations of insecurity, instability and indetermination. As a temporary office and meeting place, the Department of Collective Collaboration engages in the facilitation and stimulation of conversations regarding collectivity and collaboration. By definition, collectivity is described as something that forms an inseparable whole, something that unites, something that evolves out the act of gathering. Collaboration, then, is commonly seen as the participation in the development of a common work.

Rummaging through the conventions and grey areas that these concepts come with, our office seeks to engage in the (re)evaluation of togetherness, organization and co-creation. What does it mean to work collectively
after all? Can we ever fully do so? And what may be at stake? Although held in the presence of a somewhat chunky conference table, the office operates mainly from the brief in-between spaces of the workplace; water cooler gatherings, lunch talks and smoking break conversations.

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